small closet solutions

small closet solutions

A small house means a small closet.
Yes, it’s true.

As heartbreaking as this is, when you decided to go with a small home, you also signed up for small closets (we think you’ve made a brilliant choice, BTW).

But please don’t panic. Before you strip all of your clothes off their hangers, shove them into black Hefty bags, and stomp out to the car to drive to GoodWill, do this one thing.

Read this post.

There is hidden potential in that micro-sized box the real estate agent convinced you was actually a closet. And today, we are going to unleash your idea monster and let him maul and pummel your closet until it produces the storage you need.

Small Closet Solution #1

Built-in Cabinetry

1. Lowes

small closet solutions built-in cabinets

Img src:

2. Custom built-in closet system

small closet solutions built in cabinet

Img src:

3. Modern Custom Built-ins
Corona Del Mar

Img src: Houzz/Katherin Lawry

4. DIY closet built-in system

small closet solutions DIY built in cabinets

Img src:

5. Scandinavian designed built-in system for shallow and wide closets

small closet solutions built in cabinets

Img src:

Small Closet Solution #2

Wardrobes: when you have NO closet or you just want more space

1. Take a plan IKEA wardrobe and make it part of the room

small closet solutions wardrobe ikea

Img src:

2. Ikea PAX

small closet storage solutions pax wardrobe

Img src:

3. Wardrobes instead of nightstands

small closet storage solutions custom wardrobe instead of bedside tables

Img src:

4. Build a wardrobe

small closet solutions DIY wardrobe

Img src:

5. Modern wood wardrobe

small closet solutions modern wardrobe in wood

Img src:

Small Closet Solution #3

Garment Racks: A utilatarian approach to creating MORE closet

1. Different syles of garment racks

small closet solutions garment racks types

Img src:

2. Exposed racks outside of your closet

small closet solutions garment racks types

Img src:

3. Industrial Pipe Garment Rack: Install inside or outside of your little closet

small closet solutions garment racks industrial DIY

Img src:

4. DIY A-Frame Pallet Garment Rack

small closet solutions garment racks a frame pallet DIY

Img src:

5. Garment rack with dressers underneath= instant closet

small closet solutions garment racks with dresser instant closet

Img src:

Small Closet Solution #4

Clever Shelving

1. Lower Shelves for shoes

small closet solutions shoe shelves

Img src:

2. Pull out shelving can fit in any small closet

small closet solutions pull out shoe shelves

Img src:

3. Use a tall bookcase for shoes. Who need books when you have shoes?

small closet solutions bookcase for shoes

Img src:

4. DIY a slide out hanging pant rack

small closet solutions DIY hanging pants organizer pull out

Img src:

5. Steal from your pantry and put a Shelfgenie in your closet instead

small closet solutions shelfgenie pull out shelves

Img src:

Small Closet Solution #5

Space Saving Tools and Hacks: Clever ideas for maximizing your closet space

1. Inserts: Design your own closet insert and shove that thing in there!

small closet solutions closet inserts metal

Img src:

2 Use a lazy susan revolving organizer to maximize space

small closet solutions closet lazy susan i

Img src:

3. Take an idea from your pantry and utilize that door space

small closet solutions door organizer

Img src:

4. Use dressers in your closet instead of custom built-in cabinetry

small closet solutions closet dressers instead of built-ins

Img src:

5. Turn any hole in the wall into a closet space with pull-outs

small closet solutions closets in hidden spaces with pull out cabinets

Img src:

Before we let you get to work on organizing your closet, we do want to point out one thing: Just because you CAN squeeze everything you own into your newly organized and highly functional closet that maximizes every sq ft of space and makes Martha Stewart weep with joy, doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

Purging is good. Letting go of old stuff that you’re never going to use until you’re a certain size, have a certain job, feel a certain way, is cathartic and freeing.

So, we encourage you to get rid of your crap and be picky (maybe even a little judgy and snooty) about what you put back in your closet.

For more on small home design ideas, follow us Pinterest and check out all of our awesome curated picks on small spaces.


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