making this one mistake in your home will cost you thousands

making this one mistake in your home will cost you thousands

When you think of decorating your home, does your mind go first to furniture, kitchen counters, or flooring?

While these are obviously all super important items to consider/dwell/obsess on, if you’re not giving much brain power to this one thing, none of that other stuff even matters.

Can you guess what it is?

It’s the difference between this:

Photo by Gebco Construction
Yuk. Just not quite right. (Sorry if this your house!)

And this:

Photo by Carpet One Floor & Home
Okay this one feels so much better.

It’s your paint color.

It uh, well, colors everything!

You could have the most pristine quartz counters, perfectly placed glass subway tile, and beautifully stained hardwood floors, but if the color of your walls, trim or cabinets is off, nothing works. You might as well keep those golden oak cabinets and white appliances.

But “picking a paint color is so hard!” I hear everyone say. That’s right. It is hard because instinctively you know how important it is to your home design working.

So do the work, get the advice, paint those samples and spend a little money upfront to find the right color.

And when those $6,000 counter tops get installed and look gorgeous with that softly hued gray on your kitchen walls, you will thank me.

Like usual, here are some great examples of good paint color choices. Imagine these rooms with the wrong color! Would those expensive finishings and furniture matter?

Do you agree or disagree that paint is the most important choice? Leave a comment below and share your opinion!

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